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Happy Mother’s Day!  

Sooooo, the good part about writing a blog about what treatments have worked to treat this rare disease, is when things go wrong and the lesions come back, you can reread what worked two and a half years ago! 

 About 10 days ago, after her lesions wouldn’t respond to the normal chicken stock routine, I revisited what I had written about omega fatty acids being part of her treatment …  (since her diagnosis in October of 2012, she has gotten then twice a day until about 2-3 months ago when she went through an episode of not eating well and didn’t want to take the huge gel capsules…..I discontinued them and forgot to start them back!). 

Ten days later…after receiving omega fatty acids plus her normal chicken stock and collagen supplements, her lesions are almost gone from her face, hopefully in another week, they will be resolved!  Praise GOD!!!! (and happy Mothers Day to me!)