Monthly Archives: December 2015

Merry Christmas (even if it’s late)

I hope that those of us with our babies with us have enjoying spending time with them and our friends and families this time of the year!  As most of you know Zoe is no longer with us, but God has blessed us with the miracle that is Hank (Weimaraner with a VERY aggressive cancer who should be dead already, but is instead thriving…..Praise GOD!!!) Fortunately Zoe had the cheaper life insurance in the UK.

Hank only eats real food and I now make chicken stock for him.  I cooked a whole turkey for Christmas for him in the crockpot and MUCH to my surprise, I just pulled out the residual “broth” to add the bones to it to make “stock”…..WEEELL…it IS stock already!  I’ve just added the turkey bones to make even more concentrated stock overnight, but wanted to share my find!!