She’s gone…

This is the post I never wanted to write, but knew I would have to write one day 
she is gone….just like that…..after 3 years of diagnosis, she is gone….no lesions, no hepatocutaneous syndrome, just almost 16 years of life, this would be ancient for a human. As a lab mix, she should have NEVER lived this long….epileptic, hypothyroid, hepatocutaneous syndrome, diabetes. Her vision was failing, minimal hearing and most recently, her legs were weakened.
Zoe was the middle child….she would tell you that the best thing that ever happened to her was hepatocutaneous syndrome. It got her special food, LOTS of pets, TONS of love…..she would have been mostly forgotten (other than in our little family) except for this disease. It is my prayer that her life will have made a difference in your life and in the life of your babies.
GOD…dog spelled backwards….to show us HIS unconditional love, HIS grace through our 4 legged babies.
I am still here….Zoe’s life is no longer here on earth, but it is because of her life and God’s miracle that he gave us that I want to continue to help others. Thank you for hoping, because there IS hope!! I will continue to try to look for ways to help, please continue to reach out, because together we can make a difference for other dogs who will come after ours!
May Zoe’s life continue to bless your life and the life of your baby! 


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  1. Diana

    Jaime, I’m so sorry for your loss, it’s a painful experience. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. Thanks for all you have done to make everyone know that they aren’t alone. It was a comfort to me at a time I needed it most. Diana

    1. Jamiegoff Post author

      Kristin, thank you! Thank you for finding us and teaching me about ProMod….Zoe would have been gone long before now with it! It was our “not so secret weapon” that gave her an appetite! I love you!!

  2. Chris Neth

    I am so sorry for your loss. It is never easy, you have done an incredible job keeping her on earth for as long as you did, you should be proud of your commitment and I am sure Zoe is.

  3. Darlene

    Rest in Peace dear Zoe. I’m so saddened by this news. We all know life isn’t forever but it’s always a shock when God calls us home. My deepest sympathy and prayers are with you and your family at this most difficult time. I’ve always said you are our guardian Angel and I know Zoe’s sitting at the feet of God watching down on our fur babies who are suffering with this disease here on Earth. If their were doggie Saints Zoe would be one! Thank you for all your hard work and love. God Bkess ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Betty Gabel

    So sad and sorry about Zoe. No matter their ages we are never ready to give up our babies. It is heartbreaking when we have to. Zoe has been an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  5. Christina Joyner

    I am so sorry, Jamie. This breaks my heart to read this. You are a great mom to your sweet puppies, and I know they love you so much for all you do for them. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences with this awful disease with us, and helping us all get through it. Dixie would definitely not still be with us if it wasn’t for your help. The Joyner household sends all of our love to you and your family through this hard time.

  6. Betty Gabel

    Jamie, I think I have told some of this before, if so sorry for the repeat – Mitzi, a Havanese got sick in March. It was May before we had blood and lab work done. On May 9th her vet forwarded me the diagnoses as Hepatocutaneous Syndrome. The grim lab report suggested the IV amino acid treatments, a few supplements and Purina OM diet. However they concluded that this would all be just palliative care as most dogs were euthanized 3 to 6 months after diagnosis. I cried for hours. Her vet suggested an ultrasound to see exactly where we stood with her.
    I researched as much as I could but found almost nothing about this disease, did find some info about liver diseases in general. Through a ton of tears I found YOU!! Thank you so very much. Without you I doubt if I would still have Mitzi. I would have considered her sore feet, etc. and her hair loss a sign that it was time to say good bye to her. Now, even though I struggle with the supplements and getting enough food down her I have hope that I will be able to get her feet and body healthy looking again. Again, I am so very sorry about Zoe but wanted you to know how much you have helped us. I am not giving up on Mitzi! Thank you and God bless you.

  7. MIchael

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, just know many people are sharing your sadness. Thank you for all you have done to help others.

  8. Amy Nash

    Jamie…I am so very sorry to hear about Zoe. There are no words that can truly comfort you but know that I am sending paw prayers to you. I hope Maddux was there to greet Zoe and that they watch over us now pain free. Sending love and light!! ~A

    1. Jamiegoff Post author

      I know, Amy!!! Bet they’ve had lots of stories to share!!! I LOVE the mental image of our babies getting to know each other on the other side!!!

  9. Mona

    Hi Jamie,
    Been thinking about you and hoping you’re doing a little better since losing Zoe. How’s Hank doing? Still doing well I hope.
    Shelby hasn’t improved any but she’s doing “okay.” The fur loss and scabbing is pretty gross, but we’re dealing the best we can. Do you mind me asking if Zoe passed away on her own or did you have to make that awful decision? My little Granddaughter asked me yesterday why Shelby’s eyes always look so sad…..that has me thinking……oh how I hate this disease.
    Anyway, I hope your heart is healing some…..take good care!

  10. Ryan Warner

    Jamie, I am in tears reading this. Not only because you have lost her, but because of the love you poured into Zoe and EVERYONE else. This blog has done more than inspired hope into other, but it showed how love is truly defined as dedicating and sacrificing ourselves for others. GOD is great. He led me to you and Zoe. He led me to not giving up on Kody. Without your hope and The continual reference to our LORD I might not have Kody today. And the decision to give up would have taken my now 1yr old sons best friend away. Our condolences to your family. My wife and I are saddened by this news.

    It has been awhile since I came back to check on Zoe. As Kody has recovered so well. Kody hasn’t had lesions since we cleared them with a topical coco butter cream. His appetite is 100% back. He eats anything and everything. His diabetes is up and down. He doesn’t seem to get enough food. We tried a diabetic dog food but it elevated his levels and this had accidents. Because of this we took a trip to the vet. Good news he is back up 14lbs to 52. But the good news stopped there.

    New issue. He has been shedding and his hair is clumped. As a Siberian husky shedding is normal during this season but he has lost most of his undercoat on his legs. Took him to the vet. Liver enzymes are still elevated but now he is in kidney failure. Scheduled for an extensive ultrasound Monday. X-rays showed a tiny liver with a abnormal shape. Kidneys look ok.

    i cannot express to you how much you have helped. How much you inspired me to keep fighting, searching, trying, caring and loving. As Zoe will always be remembered, you will always be remembered to many of us who find your story and fight along side. Because without you many of our family members would have been called home prematurely. I don’t know if it’s Kodys new issue combined with the news of Zoe that is making writing this so hard, but I am truly sorry for your loss.

    1. Jamiegoff Post author

      Ryan, I’m so sorry to hear that Kody as new issues. I appreciate your kind words more than you know!

      As you already know, diabetes without being tightly controlled can lead to the micro-vessels becoming damaged and can lead to kidney problems. Is Kody still getting liver protection (denamarin or milk thistle)? I have copied and pasted both the liver and kidney diet from Dr. Jean Dodds below: (this is from the nutriscan website)

      Please don’t hesitate to call me to discuss anything at all. I am always here to talk through what worked for us! (3 years is a long time of trial and errors with such a rare disease and I certainly wouldn’t want that to go to waste!)

      Thank you again for you words and know that I continue to pray for all of us and our babies!

      Cleansing Diets
      Home > Knowledge Center > Cleansing Diets

      These homemade diets are intended to help ‘cleanse and heal’ the body during ongoing illnesses of the liver, kidney or bowel. Please note that Dr. Dodds still recommends testing your dog’s food sensitivities and intolerances with NutriScan, as this will direct you in selecting the future food needs of your pet, once short-term healing has taken place.
      Liver and GI Tract Cleansing Diet*
      Dr. Dodds recommends a formula of 2 cups of pollack, cod or any other low fat white fish fillet to 6 cups of veggies and potatoes, or 25% pollack, cod or any other low fat white fish fillet to 75% veggies and potatoes. Chicken, turkey or pork can be substituted or added, if the dog will not eat fish or has an intolerance to fish. This recipe is for a 15-18 pound dog and to be fed over approximately one week; please adjust according to the weight of your pet.
      Liver Cleansing Diet Phase 1
      1 and 1/2 cups moist white cooking potatoes
      1 and 1/2 cups sweet potatoes
      2 cups pollack, cod or any other low fat white fish fillet
      Liver Cleansing Diet 2 – Add vegetables based on toleration
      1 and 1/2 cups moist white cooking potatoes
      1 and 1/2 cups sweet potatoes
      1 and 1/2 cups of zucchini
      1 and 1/2 cup green beans, kale, celery, summer squash, chopped carrots, spinach, green beans or yellow squash and scrambled eggs, if these are tolerated.
      2 cups pollack, cod or any other low fat white fish fillet
      Scrub the potatoes well and cut them up crosswise into 2″ pieces so the skin circles the potatoes. OR, you can peel the potatoes before you cook them and cook until they are soft. When cooled, remove the skins.
      Wash the vegetables steam or cook until very tender.
      2 cups pollack, cod or any other low fat white fish fillet poached in a frying pan with water until fish is white and flaky.
      Mix all ingredients together until it is well blended. For flavor you can add a pinch of garlic powder and a little Italian Seasoning to each meal.
      Liquid multivitamin or supplement such as the Missing Link. Feed three to four meals per day. Add the herbs, milk thistle (silymarin) and S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) to cleanse the liver.
      Milk Thistle Dosage
      Dog’s size
      Dose as % of adult human dose
      5 lbs. 10%
      6-10 lbs. 15%
      11-20 lbs. 20%
      21-40 lbs. 30%
      41-70 lbs. 50%
      71-100 lbs. 75%
      >100 lbs. 100%
      *G. A. R. D. [Glutamate-Aspartate-Restricted-Diet]. Avoid wheat, corn, dairy and soy.

      Kidney Diet
      White and/or brown rice or white potato + white fish or sardines or pork or duck — 2/3 rice or potato mix and 1/3 fish or meat. Add veggies: kidney or pinto beans, chopped carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, spinach, kale, green beans, peas, and scrambled eggs, if these are tolerated. Season with garlic, mixed Italian herbs or parsley, salt and pepper. Liquid multivitamin or supplement such as the Missing Link. Feed three to four meals per day.

  11. Darlene

    I just made Sparky meatloaf with ground turkey and a ton of different veggies. It’s called Georgie’s Mestloaf! I met the man at Lowes who had his dog with him, we had Sparky with us. I was telling him about Sparky’s disease and he has a video on the web where he showed how to make thus meatloaf. Google Georgie’s Meatloaf. It will last us 2-3 months frozen so it was worth the time and trouble of making it. He will also get his fish and turkey burgers with fresh raw veggies. I’ll alternate these each day. He LOVED the meatloaf. Once made its easy to defrost and give him a slice. Look it up. All fresh and no preservatives. Sparky’s still dong so well. Still giving him his 15 pills a day and insulin. Good luck.

  12. Maureen

    Our 7yo baby, Roxy, was just diagnosed with HS yesterday after 3 months of vet visits. Like Zoe, she has seizures (actually seizure free for almost 2 years) for the past 4+ years and has been on a plethora of medications since, including phenobarb, which I believe is what ultimately caused her HS. Roxy is and has always been a little “special” and again like Zoe, I feel as though she’ll surprise us in terms of fighting HS. Zoe’s story gives us hope. Thank you for sharing your story and I’ll be making chicken stock this weekend!!!

    1. Jamiegoff Post author

      Maureen, I’m so sorry you’ve received this diagnosis! I’m glad you found us!! Feel free to call me about tips on how to make the chicken stock OR anything else! 205.296.2323. Make sure you get omega fatty acids. We used double the prescribed amount, btw ;))

  13. Kira

    Jamie—I feel so grateful to have found your blog. I just read Zoe’s story and it is one of such strength and determination (on your and Zoe’s part!) It hurt to read this final post as your blog encapsulated so well the journey you both took and it was heartbreaking. But, I am just astounded and admire the steps and progress made! My dog Ziggy was just diagnosed with hepatocutaneous syndrome and I have been searching endlessly for resources. He will be doing his first IV infusion tomorrow and our new internist veterinarian seems to be wonderful. I will be using all of the notes you provided in your blog. Thank you for sharing your story. It truly inspires.

    1. Jamiegoff Post author

      Kira, thank you for reaching out to me via text this am!! I’m praying for you and Ziggy!!! Let us know how he does!!!


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