Monthly Archives: April 2015

After two and a half years…..

 Zoe has declined and it looks like we are approaching the end….yes I know she is over 15 years old and for a lab mix, she shouldn’t still be alive, but after all this time I guess I thought that maybe one day she just wouldn’t wake up and she would just “go” in her sleep.  Not looking like that will be the case!  

She still eats well and is able to get up and go for small walks, but the lesions are back around her face and lips and for the first time chicken stock isn’t making the difference.  I know it’s only a matter of time before her feet are involved and at that time, we will make that so incredibly painful decision to allow her to go.  

I think Zoe would tell you that she has loved the last 2 and a half years….she has gotten great food, lots of attention and it’s been the best of her very long life.  As the middle “child” she was often ignored before hepatocutaneous.  Not that she wasn’t loved, fed and cared for…..she just wasn’t the center of the household.  All that changed in September and October of 2012!  She became the center of our world and she has LOVED it!

I wouldn’t have chosen this path, but I am thankful that because of this awful disease, God chose to hear my prayer to save her (even though I only asked for a year with her, He ALSO chose to give me SO much longer!)  In the process of saving her, God allowed me to understand that some dogs do benefit from receiving amino acids in the form of chicken stock, which is also mentioned in Blue Buffalo reviews, so that others can have more time with their “children” as well!  For that, I am so very thankful!