Lookin’ good!

Update: December 10, 2013…..lookin’ good!
Zoe has been doing really well lately (diabetes and skin!). It’s amazing how very sick she was a year ago and you would never know it today! We continue to adjust how often and how much skin stock/supplements she gets based on whether she has lesions or not. She continues on 20 units of NPH Humulin twice a day and we were able to back her down from 23 units to 20 once we started her on alpha lipoic acid (started her on 250 mg, but decreased her to 200 mg)

I emailed both Dr. Gimmler and Dr. Dodds to give them an update, since they were both so instrumental in helping keep her with us during the incredibly difficult time last year! We are SO blessed to have such great veterinarians to help keep us going!


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