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2013…..what a year!!!

Lessons learned from trial and error with Zoe

1. Perhaps using less chicken stock and giving it more often is the ticket! Currently she is getting about 1/3 cup 4 times a day plus her late night snack is another tablespoon or 2 of the gelled version of the stock (usually about 11pm or midnight)

2. Antibiotics (broad spectrum cephalosporin is what we’ve used) as needed when she gets lesions on her feet

3. To treat diarrhea, she is getting Proviable KP from Drs. Fosters and Smith….usually a couple of doses and she is good to go! She also gets unpasteurized goats milk from Answers which has probiotics with every meal

4. The disease waxes and wanes and sometimes there are outbreaks and nothing changed!! (Note to self…’s not always my fault!)

5. GOD is good! Even when things aren’t going well, HE is sufficient. I know one day Zoe will leave us, I’m just happy to have been able to have shared what has worked for us during the past year of answered prayers. Not all dogs benefit from the diet changes, but since there is minimal research on hepatocutaneous syndrome, at least there is hope that some dogs have benefited from it!

6. Blessings for 2014!!!



Lookin’ good!

Update: December 10, 2013…..lookin’ good!
Zoe has been doing really well lately (diabetes and skin!). It’s amazing how very sick she was a year ago and you would never know it today! We continue to adjust how often and how much skin stock/supplements she gets based on whether she has lesions or not. She continues on 20 units of NPH Humulin twice a day and we were able to back her down from 23 units to 20 once we started her on alpha lipoic acid (started her on 250 mg, but decreased her to 200 mg)

I emailed both Dr. Gimmler and Dr. Dodds to give them an update, since they were both so instrumental in helping keep her with us during the incredibly difficult time last year! We are SO blessed to have such great veterinarians to help keep us going!