Her lesions are back again…what did I do differently?

So, the night before last we were giving Zoe her insulin and realized that the lesions on her lips had returned (we had noticed that she was rubbing this area along the sofa for the last couple of days)

I have been reviewing what I had changed. Ezekiel bread, for one–when she was so sick and wouldn’t eat, she would eat it and got about 4-5 pieces per day. Over the last several weeks, I’ve cut that back to about a piece a day, divided into her meals, as I use it as a vehicle to get her k bromide and poly-vi-sol into her meals. (Had the bright idea that she needed more protein and less carbs to help control her diabetes, so I cut her back from a piece of bread with each meal to a half of a piece—and sometimes it was only a quarter of a piece!)

I started yesterday increasing her bread back to at least 2 pieces a day. Also, started researching other foods that are high in amino acids–turns out quinoa is both high in amino acids and has a fairly low glycemic index. (Needed, since she also has diabetes!). I’m going to try the dietary things first to see if it makes a difference, since our history has had success with controlling it with diet! Here goes!!

definition and etiology of hepatocutaneous syndrome

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