Chicken stock…..trying with chicken feet! Photos included….

Breakfast awaits!

Breakfast awaits!

Here is tonight’s attempt at chicken stock. Zoe has a couple of lesions on her rear feet and I need some GOOOOOD stock!!! Found some recipes on line:

my inspiration

I’m trying a new vehicle to deliver said stock!…..a pressure cooker…..many thanks to my friend and client, Tiffany Davis for her counseling about my techniques of making stock. She rocks in the kitchen (doesn’t hurt that she works at Cooking Light, so she’s a wealth of knowledge!)

Just put just over 2 quarts of water with 2.7 lbs of chicken feet, (purchased from an Asian market) put the lid on and here we go!



Soooo, FANTASTIC success!!! This is the best stock I’ve EVER made!!!! It’s so firm, it looks like its frozen! Zoe is in the background just waiting for her breakfast!!

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