Six months PLUS later: writing the blog….and comparing notes…

Stock on plate

So, now that I’ve started the blog….I’ve found a few others whose dogs were diagnosed AND we’ve compared our stories and findings….
Zoe’s symptoms actually waxes and wanes…it actually corresponds with how “gelled” the stock actually is!

My amazement is this…2 others have dogs with hepatocutaneous syndrome have experienced the same issue with symptoms…if they continue to feed their dogs the more “dense” stock, the symptoms actually subside and when the stock is more “loose”, the symptoms may come back!!!

the article by Dr. Ray Peat

5 thoughts on “Six months PLUS later: writing the blog….and comparing notes…

  1. Shelby

    Jamie, this is the secret to help the lesions. The last two batches of Cubby’s Stock has been like Jello and I have notice improvement. I haven’t had the time to wait overnight for the stock to cool and congeal in the fridge, but I have added Chicken Feet which contains a lot of little bones and collagen along with my whole chicken. I use approx 5-8 feet and have noticed a thicker and according to Cubby tastier stock.

  2. Jamiegoff Post author

    Thanks so much for the update! I’m thrilled Cubby is doing better!! I just hope others can benefit from collagen (aka stock)!

    1. Shelby

      Hi Erin,
      I use a crockpot for my stock and you could do it on the stove too. I use a whole chicken, cut the wings and drums off then split the breast in half. Add 4-5cups of water. Then I add chicken feed, approx 6-8. Initially I was only using two but i wanted a really good thick jello jiggler consistency. I cook the chicken + feet for 4 or 6 high. When this is done, I pull off all the meat and throw the bones back in and set the crockpot to low 6 or low 8. Finally, I use a fat separater and pour the golden liquid into a strainer with a coffee filer. Let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Brenda sauvageau

    My dog got diagnosed TODAY with this horrible disease and I spent most of the day crying, figuring this was a death sentence. Thank yo ufor giving me some hope. I bought some chicken tonight and have it in the crock pot. I couldn’t find any feet at this time of night but I am going to send my hubby to the asian market near where he works to get some feet. My Libby is only 10 and I am going to do anything I can to help her.


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