Hepatocutaneous syndrome: it’s in the nutrition! (Chicken stock 101)

Stock in jar

June 1, 2013

The last couple of batches of chicken stock didn’t actually “gel”. I didn’t really think that much of it, I just gave her more, as I considered it just more dilute than what I was making before. During that 2 week period I also backed off the amount of food I was giving her, as she gaining a bit more weight (I don’t need an obese dog with paw lesions!!) weeeelll, you can imagine where I’m going…..lip lesions came back…just a little, because we are rubbing on her (every day) to make sure there is nothing there, we found them with our fingers before they were visible!

So, we went back up on the protein: in this case, chicken! Also realized that both carrots and beets have amino acids in them–she already gets them as part of her diet, but had no idea they contained some of the amino acids that Zoe SO needs!

I also started looking for recipes to make better chicken stock and remembered that I had had success with leg/thigh quarters with back meat. Got that cooked up in the crockpot right away, just put the chicken quarters in the crockpot, covered with water and pulled the meat off after cooking on low about 6-8 hours and let the bones cook in the broth another 6-12 hours. At this point, it’s not scientific with the cooking times, but apparently, those “little bones” they make up the spine are REALLY important, ’cause when I strained the golden liquid off into glass jars and let in cool in the fridge at least 6 hours, it made great gelatin (the exact consistency as Jello!). I just let the fat rise to the top and scoop that off and I’m left with the golden goodness of the chicken stock!! I just warm it in the microwave and pour it over her food. (She also gets her eggs–2 of them twice a day with the egg whites cooked in the gelatin in the microwave). I use about 1/3 a cup of gelatin and separate the eggs, cooking the whites 1 minute and 25 seconds in the gelatin–make sure you cover the container or you’ll get the opportunity to clean your microwave afterward!

Zoe’s lip lesions are gone again and this time, NO paw involvement!

7 thoughts on “Hepatocutaneous syndrome: it’s in the nutrition! (Chicken stock 101)

  1. Shelby

    I’m on part two of the process! Thank you so much for this blog/ documentation. Feel better Zoe!

  2. Shelby

    My stock turned out really well, it is jiggly and pretty clear. I used a Whole raw chicken and 3 pieces of hindquarters. I covered the chicken with water and set the crockpot for 6hrs high. Then removed the meat and skin and put the bones back in and set the crock pot for 8hrs low. After refrigerating the stock overnight it was a little runny, so i simmered it on the stove for a little bit longer. Cubby Loves it!

  3. Amy

    Hey Jamie…checked Maddux’s paws out this morning – they are clearing up. Many of the pad surfaces are soft and there is new skin coming in where the dead skin is sloughing off. The front edges of the pads are still hard, but everywhere else is improving. Finished another batch of stock this morning and have it sitting in the fridge to congeal. I am still washing his feet daily with the medicated shampoo and using the ResiSoothe several times a day. I am going to actually push his amino drip back a week to see if we can get away with just the chicken stock.

    1. Jamiegoff Post author

      Oh Amy!!! That is just Fabulous! Praise GOD!!! How awesome that it is working for Maddux!! When all of this started with Zoe, I felt so helpless to do anything and I find it so comforting to know that HE gave me this to help others and their dogs!!!!

  4. Erin

    Hi! My Dagwood just got diagnosed yesterday with thus disease and like Zoe he is epileptic, though because of luver values we have stopped his meds. No seizures for the last six years on meds. I am praying through diet and meds that we can have much more time. Any questions I should ask my vet when I meet with him today?

    1. Jamiegoff Post author

      You need to start on liver protection: either SAM-e or milk thistle. I’m happy to speak with you, if you’d like to call me: 205-296-2323


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