Managing hepatocutaneous syndrome, canine diabetes

Zoe at front doorFebruary 18, 2013

Recheck on her labs and still difficult to get her to eat, but vet had great idea! When I discussed the stringy vaginal discharge and how she was licking her bottom, she suggested sour cream and cottage cheese to help with yeast infection.

Zoe LOVES cottage cheese and sour cream!! Hallelujah!! A real break through!! Sour cream and cottage cheese on anything and she would eat it!!! We increased her insulin to 10 units and started only measuring her urine dip sticks. She was spilling 1/2-1+ on glucose and either negative or trace on ketones. As she would spill more glucose over several days, we would increase her insulin by 0.5 units and leave her there for a few days and if she continued to spill 1-2+, we would increase her insulin, only increasing by 0.5 units per 2-3 days period.

Gradually her appetite began to increase with the aide of sour cream and cottage cheese! Still no return of her lesions and she really seemed to feel better and have more energy!

Alk phos: 1326, down from 1841
ALT: 436, down from 512
AST: 211, down from 268
CK: 452, up from 240
BUN: 44, probably related to feeding her so much protein, as that’s about all she would eat!
Glucose: 396, down from 487

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