Hepatocutaneous syndrome. What other treatment options are there?

December 6, 2012

After our last infusion of trophamine, Zoe had little improvement in her lesions. I learned that one of the vets at Auburn had had a dog have his lesions resolve a few years ago. I asked Dr. Gimmler to see if the other veterinarian would be willing to review the chart to see what was different with the treatment plan of that dog and Zoe’s treatment. There was one difference: they had used Aminosyn 8.5%, which WAS available (unlike the Aminosyn 10%, which continued to be on manufacturer back-order) Yaaay!! We had options!!

We were excited that hopefully we could see some benefit again utilizing the aminosyn. As with each visit to Auburn, Zoe loved seeing everyone! She would wait by my car to get to buycbdproducts for what we began calling her “spa treatment”. The following day, as the vet student would walk her down the hall she would want to stop and “visit” with everyone along the way! I loved watching her interact with everyone–they seemed to always make her feel “special”! Crazy, I know!!

Unfortunately, her paws continued to have fungal and bacterial infections–she continued on oral antibiotics and now on oral anti-fungal medication, as well. We also started her on ResiKetoChlor, which really seemed to help soothe her paws! Zoe seemed to have a chance to beat Hepatocutaneous syndrome!

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