Hepatocutaneous syndrome: the good news and the bad…

December 17, 2012

Let’s start with the good news!!

Zoe’s labs were incredible! After being on Dr. Dodds liver cleansing diet less than 2 months, her labs were practically normal!! Dr. Dodds had suggested that I could HOPE to get her Alk Phos to around 250, since she is geriatric!

Alk phos: 228–down from 297
ALT: 53–down from 84
AST: 28–down from 35

Hct: still anemic at 32.6. Valuable lesson here: check the expiration date on supplements! I had been giving her Poly-vi-sol with iron to supplement the liver cleaning diet, but just realized that it had expired about Six months ago!

Ok, now for the BAD news, after giving the aminosyn in a central catheter, they could no longer thread the catheter far enough to administer the Aminosyn, due to scarring from all the infusions. So, for now, we tried plan B. Dr. Dodds said that she has had some success with giving fresh frozen plasma, which didn’t require a central line, so we opted to administer that instead of the Aminosyn.

For the moment, hepatocutaneous syndrome seems to be winning, we will see how the FFP helps!

Well, no luck with the fresh frozen, now we were out of options! I prayed, Jesus, I know she is just a dog, but she is my sweet girl and I love her. I need YOU to either show me it is time to just let her go or i need YOU to heal her. I honestly don’t know how people whose children die get through it. I just imagine that by God’s grace HIS hand is the one that holds them.

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