Hepatocutaneous syndrome, now symptoms resolved….but different diagnosis!

December 28, 2012

Made Zoe her first chicken stock by cooking the bones in the crockpot for 24 hours after the chicken meat was removed! Within 7 days her lip lesions actually seemed less visible, by January 7th, I KNEW they were improved!! By January 11th, her lip lesions were gone!! Her paws still looked raw and had a long way to go, but we had hope!!

Now, for the next wrinkle: she was having hind leg weakness and I worried that her anti-seizure medication was needing to be adjusted. We took her to our local vet to have labs drawn and it was VERY stressful for her! She’s never liked going, but this time it seemed to really put her over the edge!

By the next morning, she was sick—really sick!! She was vomiting, drinking like crazy and I knew the signs—she was now diabetic. We had the labs results back that am from the day before–glucose was 384 and her fructosamine was 476, both high. Equally bad, her liver function tests were elevated (more than at the beginning of her symptoms!)

Alk Phos: 828, up from 228
ALT: 189, up from 53
AST: 168, up from 28

Her potassium was 6.0, which was above the reference range and I became concerned that one of her seizure medications (potassium bromide) was part of the problem with her leg weakness and could be causing the high potassium levels. The only bright spot was her hematocrit was finally within normal range at 38.3. (Finally had enough poly-vi-sol with iron to make a difference!)

We called our local vet and ordered a home blood sugar meter and by January 15th, when the meter arrived and we checked her blood sugar, it was 664!! No wonder she was so sick!!

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