Hepatocutaneous syndrome: no Aminosyn 10% available

Another week later, no great outcome this time with the amino acids! Because they didn’t have Aminosyn 10% available, they had used Trophamine 10%. It’s also an amino acid infusion and used with infants (as well as animals!)

Unfortunately, we didn’t see much resolution of the lesions, but maybe they weren’t advancing quite as fast as without it! By this time, she was growing both cocci and malassezia (both bacteria and yeast infections) in her paws and also developed a yeast infection in her ears. We continued on the amino acids, soloxine and Keppra, while continuing to alternate tramadol and gabapentin for pain.

Many times in the evenings, I would just hold her in my arms as she slept, it seemed both she and I needed the close contact! What an awful disease and all because of phenobarb for her seizures for all those years!!! If only I could go back and switch her to Keppra!

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