Hepatocutaneous syndrome: is there anything I can do for her?

November 26th

After having lots of family stay with us for Thanksgiving, we were all very tired, Zoe tolerated all the activity well, but her appetite was waning. i had to hand feed her and she decided she really didn’t care for fish! I made her the liver cleansing diet using chicken instead and she would eat (as long as I hand fed her)
we took Zoe back to Auburn for her Aminosyn 10% infusion. (Only to determine that there was a manufacturer back-order and since our results with Trophamine weren’t as good as we had with the Aminosyn, we were concerned that we might not get the same benefit from from it, but we had to try again without any other options) so, she got the trophamine instead of aminosyn

Since she had been on the liver cleansing diet from Dr. Jean Dodds for about a month, I wanted to see IF there could have been any improvement. WOW! It was working!

Her labs were:
Alk Phos: 297 down from 516
ALT: 84, down from 117
AST: 35, down from 41
GGT: 8, down from 22 on Oct 6th (wasn’t checked originally at Auburn, but Dr. Dodds suggested we check it to determine how hard her liver was working)

Amazing! The liver cleansing diet was actually bringing her liver enzymes down!! Maybe hepatocutaneous syndrome wouldn’t win this one–now IF if the skin would follow!

2 thoughts on “Hepatocutaneous syndrome: is there anything I can do for her?

  1. Christine McCauley

    Hello, my dog is a 10.5 year old Maltese, diagnosed last September with end stage liver disease, diabetes and hepatocutaneous syndrome. He’s been receiving the aminosyn infusions since December 2016. Works well but the problem being after some time he will start to show signs of fluid build up in the lungs,in which is caught immediately and taken care of so as not to put him in heart failure. So I’m Desperately trying to save my sweet boy, he is just still so full of life. What is the liver detox diet and is there any other way to help him. I give him bone broth soup as well as a super smoothie packed with tons of great stuff, twice a day. Please help if you can.

    1. Jamiegoff Post author

      Christine, I’m so very sorry…..I only just saw this!!!! Please feel free to call me! 205.296.2323
      We use Dr. Dodds liver cleansing diet. (You can google it)
      Also, tell me how you are making the stock….the consistency and frequency is VERY IMPORTANT!!!
      Also, giving Omega Fatty Acids seems to be a cornerstone of therapy, as well.
      I’m so sorry your baby has this awful disease!! We are all here to help!


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