Hepatocutaneous syndrome: honeymoon’s over :(

Well, it only lasted for a week, on November 5th, we noticed that she was licking her lips like crazy, then on the 7th, the lesions were back on her lip margins! The tops of her feet were also becoming red and weepy and her nose even had a big crack that was widening from the top to her lips!

We called Auburn and they agreed to work her in for another Aminosyn treatment, so off we went! I left her overnight and raced back the next day to get her. Don’t know who was more excited to see the other, even though she didn’t feel good, her tail was moving about 90 miles an hour!

The more reading I did on the disease, the more depressed I got!! Most everything I read online talked about euthanizing these sweet dogs with hepatocutaneous diagnosis! So much praying and so many tears!! How could I not at least try to heal her liver with Dr. Dodds diet and see if I could give her skin an opportunity to resolve!

2 thoughts on “Hepatocutaneous syndrome: honeymoon’s over :(

  1. Shelby

    Cubby’s mouth has been looking really wet and he seems to be licking his mouth and lips a lot. Didn’t know it was because he was starting to get lesions. His nose is also starting to look really dry. Is the Resikeochlor just for pain relief of the paws? Did you try the cream around Zoe’s mouth or nose?

    1. Jamiegoff Post author

      That’s exactly how Zoe started…with licking her lips. I didn’t use the resi-keto-chlor around her lips, but instead used vitamin e, but in retrospect, perhaps it just made her lick them that much more (she loves her vitamin E!!)

      The aloe gel from the plant might work well, but if he ingests a lot of it, it may cause diarrhea, which would be quite bad!!

      It takes about a week for the lesions to clear with the chicken stock for Zoe, so IF you are 6 days away from the lesions resolving, you might want to just let them run the course….just a thought!


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