Hepatocutaneous syndrome: got busy……oh NOOOO! The lesions are back!

April 24, 2013

Life continued to get busy! Since the real estate market was going absolutely crazy, I was doing good to get home in time to get Zoe’s insulin in her at night. Then….

Zoe is licking on her paws!! This is how this started in September!!! Auburn from our veterinarian clinic remote treatment service had called her resolution of the lesions “remission”. Did this mean we were going to go through everything all over again?! Initially, I thought it was just an infection between “her toes” and restarted her on an antibiotic. Within a week, unfortunately the lesions came back on her lip margins and her paw pads began to get crusty on the back margins and look “weepy”. I cried and prayed and prayed and cried. We didn’t have any other options for venous access and it just meant that our time with her was up.
During the next several nights, I was awakened to the realization that in the midst of being SO BUSY, I had stopped making her chicken stock! Now, God knows i am both TOO stubborn and TOO dumb to put this all together, so HE has to awaken me to speak to me! I went to Whole Foods the next day and got 2 “naked” rotisserie chickens, pulled the meat off and put the bones in the crockpot, covered the bones with water and cooked for 24 hours. (another Divine intervention, as I opened the rotisserie chicken containers, they were filled with liquid and as some spilled, I poured it into a cup to give our Weimaraner a nice liquid to pour over his dry dog food.) Within 5 minutes it had cooled and turned to gel!!! So, she actually got a “quick start” with the “free gelatin” that I didn’t even know was there!!

Fast forward to May 16th….her lip lesions are now GONE!! Her feet are not completely resolved, but they are no longer weepy and necrotic!

So, back at the end of 2012, I had started giving her Procell, after reading a case study from a vet in New York, Dr. Jason Berg who had some success treating a German Shepard with it. Within 5 days, I started the chicken stock and within 2 weeks, her lesions were resolved! I had accidentally just done an experiment on poor Zoe, but now I had been able to re-create what had happened in January!

I would have NEVER experimented on her, but now that I have, I just want to get information to other dog owners whose sweet dogs have been diagnosed with this disease. I Truly don’t know if it will work for other dogs, but it’s chicken stock!!! It can’t hurt!!!

2 thoughts on “Hepatocutaneous syndrome: got busy……oh NOOOO! The lesions are back!

  1. Shelby

    I just stumbled upon your website and I’m feverishly reading all your post. My dog was diagnosed last week and I’m desperate! Thank you so much posting all this! I would like to chat with you via email. 🙂

  2. Jamiegoff Post author

    Shelby, thanks for your comment! I really want to talk with you about this! I honestly don’t know if this outcome can be replicated, but I have found 2 others whose dogs were diagnosed and they have started the chicken stock, as well. I think 2 weeks will give you an answer and of course, it cannot hurt them to give them the gelled chicken stock! (I actually warm mine up until it turns back into a liquid and pour it over her food)


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