Hepatocutaneous syndrome and diabetes: the worst labs yet

January 24, 2012

Our last trip to Auburn, this time to get help with controlling her diabetes. Her labs were the worst yet! It seemed that the moment her pancreas stopped making insulin, her liver also seemed to freak out! Actually, some of the increased lab results were from the diabetes, not the liver disease.

Alk phos: 1841, up from 828
ALT: 512, up from 189
AST: 268, up from 168
Glucose: 487, up from 384

We got to see Dr. Gimmler’s face as she saw that all Zoe’s lesions were gone! Zoe was so excited to get to see everyone, she was jumping and running around–quite a different dog than when we first were seen at Auburn! Even though she had lost 5 pounds since we were last seen, she certainly seemed to feel better!

When we got home, after all the excitement, Zoe was completely worn out. She would NOT eat and we had to get an appetite stimulant: Mirtazapine 7.5 mg to be given as needed to help stimulate her appetite. It did help, but I still had to hand feed her just to get her to eat much of anything! It was really frustrating to watch her continue to lose weight, when previously one of her favorite things to do was to eat!!

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