Hepatocutaneous syndrome AND diabetes: look ma’ still NO lesions!

April 11, 2013

Life’s been really busy! We’ve gradually increased her insulin, so she was now on 14 units twice a day. Her appetite was definitely improved and now she would eat by herself without being hand fed! We continued on the liver cleansing diet, with Ezekiel bread with cottage cheese and sour cream.

Had labs repeated and they actually were coming down nicely, except for CK, which might be related to muscle wasting, not so much liver issues.

Alk phos: 381, down from 1326!
ALT: 248, down from 436
AST: 146, down from 211
CK: 812, up from 452
Glucose: 214, down from 396
T4: 3.7, up 2.2 (interestingly, we had NOT changed her thyroid medication, yet her thyroid seemed to be improving with the improved nutrition!

We weaned her off the thyroid medication over the next week and will just continue to monitor her labs, as well as her clinical symptoms

1 thought on “Hepatocutaneous syndrome AND diabetes: look ma’ still NO lesions!

  1. Shelby

    Cubby’s numbers
    ALT: 176, first test was 347
    ALK Phosphatase: 1799, first test was 1510
    GGT: 21
    His glucose is 112, first blood test was 92. With in the limit, should i be watching this number closely?

    Tomorrow will be day 2 on the modified liver cleansing diet + stock. 🙂


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