Hepatocutaneous syndrome: after the diagnosis, the honeymoon

After receiving the diagnosis of hepatocutaneous syndrome, we arrived home with a very tired puppy and even though she was still having difficulty walking, she walked up the three steps to the front door! We watched closely over the next week and realized the Aminosyn was actually working!! The lesions stopped progressing and in fact, even seemed to improve! We decided that she was doing so well that we wouldn’t put her through another dose of Aminosyn, so on our re-check at Auburn, we chose to not put her through another 12 hr. ordeal. We alternated Tramadol with Gabapentin for pain relief over the next several weeks to help with the discomfort she must feel from the lesions that still remained.

So, we weaned her off the phenobarb rapidly over a week period and began Keppra 500 mg 3 times a day. We also started her on an antibiotic, Omega-3 fatty acids (free form snip tips) 3 per day. She continued on soloxine 0.6 mg for her hypothyroidism and zinc methionine for her skin

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