Hepatocutaneous syndrome, how we used nutrition to heal her!

We have no children and 2 dogs. our oldest, Zoë, a 12 year old lab mix is such a sweetie, just loves to be loved and she loves to eat!
Her medical background was significant in that she had a history of seizures that had been somewhat controlled on both phenobarbital and potassium bromide. Over the previous 3 years, we had moved to a different house and Zoe’s seizures had actually increased! Using documentation, we were able to determine a couple of factors that precipitated her seizures: About an hour after giving her the thyroid supplement, Leventa, she MANY times had a grand mal seizure, many times with postictal blindness that would take about an hour or two to resolve! The other precipitating factor was the leaded glass windows on either side of our front door would cause a “strobe” effect when lights of cars driving by at night would reflect into the foyer. (The very area Zoe would lounge in the early morning hours). She was on phenobarb for about 7 years prior to the onset of symptoms of her paws and intermittently had had increased liver function tests.

Late September of 2012, my sweet girl suddenly started licking her paws (a lot!). It continued to worsen, with her paws cracking and weeping….thinking it was related to a yeast infection, our vet started her on an antifungal. Within a few days, she could no longer walk without assistance, she would stumble and had NO strength to even be able to urinate without being supported to squat (otherwise she would just fall down).

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