Zoe’s story, Hepatocutaneous syndrome and nutrition

Sweet girl, but felt SO bad!

Sweet girl, but felt SO bad!

Canine epilepsy, hepatocutaneous syndrome and how nutrition has given my dog her life back!

Zoe is now a 13 year old lab mix, sweet and loves to be loved!! She was treated with phenobarbital for about 7 years and as a result, her liver was damaged. The blog is about how I started her on Dr. Jean Dodds liver cleansing diet and had wonderful results with her liver enzymes decreasing!

Unfortunately, as a result of the liver issues, she developed hepatocutaneous syndrome (superficial necrolytic dermatitis or necrolytic migratory erythema). Her lip margins became crusted and pruritic (itchy). It was incredibly difficult for her to walk as a result of her paw pads, which looked like the edges of each pad might just crumble off–they were red, moist and infected with both bacterial and fungal infections.

Through a random conversation with my husband as we waited to pick her up the day after Christmas, GOD divinely gave me the most amazing answer to what could actually help relieve her symptoms! The disease is certainly still there, but if she can have a good quality of life for her last year or so, that would be more than I could hope for!

So, are you ready, it’s crazy, really, but it’s gelatin! Chicken stock, to be exact! I made her chicken stock and her lesions went away!! Got busy, stopped making it and they came back! Please click on the blog icon at the top of the page for more information, but I just want to see if others could benefit from what was DIVINELY given!